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Mac Tools for sale in Yellowknife and surrounding communities

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Polar Tech Tools is well-known for being the premier source of the best chainsaws to tackle a variety of projects at work and at home. We’re the first choice of professionals and weekend warriors who depend on quality tools to power projects spanning everything from forestry to tree care and landscaping.

Dewalt Tools

Our extensive selection of high-quality Dewalt tools offers everything you need to handle any project, big or small. From hand tools to power tools, our inventory includes a wide range of products to meet your every need.


Polar Tech Tools makes it easy to get your hands on the right drill for any job. Whether for work, hobbies, or handyman projects, we supply the power tools you can count on for optimal performance, safety, battery longevity, and precision.

Handheld Blowers

Polar Tech Tools puts the best handheld blowers in the hands of our professionals and home maintenance enthusiasts. We make it easy to purchase the tools you need to tackle landscaping and other types of cleanup projects with powerful equipment that makes doing the job more efficient.

John Deere Wrenches

Premier destination for authentic John Deere wrenches. We’re the North’s first choice for quality, dependability, and customer care that extends beyond our in-store offerings to our tool truck that can meet you onsite with the wrenches you need in tow. Don’t settle for second best when all it takes is one visit or phone call to buy hand tools from the industry’s best and most reliable brands.

Mac Tool Shop

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality tools for your next project? Polar Tech Tools is where you’ll find everything you need. We offer a wide selection of Mac Tools, from hand to power tools, that are perfect for professional tradespeople and private individuals conducting repairs, construction, and more.

Mac Tools

Our Mac Tools Mobile Truck is fully equipped with everything you need. Mac Tools has a product line in excess 42,000 items and is one of the most trusted shop tools and equipment providers in the industry. Mac Tools is an investment in quality and reliability. Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Storage, Diagnostics , Testing, Shop Equipment, Gifts , Clothing. If it's not on the Truck, we will get it for you.

Mac Tools Distributor

As a locally preferred and trusted Mac Tools distributor, Polar Tech Tools is everyone’s solution for reliable and trustworthy power tools and automotive equipment. We service many clients looking to equip themselves and their teams with the high-caliber implements that the Mac Tools brand is known to manufacture.

Mac Tools For Sale

From quality craftsmanship to unmatched useability and design, there are plenty of reasons why we stand by Mac Tools. As experienced tools and equipment dealers, we’re your top choice when it comes to finding the right Mac Tools solutions for your work.

Milwaukee Tools

At Polar Tech Tools, we’re passionate about putting the best Milwaukee Tools in the hands of tradespeople and weekend project warriors. Whether you need a cordless drill with ample battery life, a set of new hand tools, or a storage system to keep things organized, we have everything you need to do your work with the greatest accuracy and efficiency.

Pressure Washers

Polar Tech Tools is where professionals and at-home project enthusiasts find the most reliable pressure washers. From oil and gas-powered pressure cleaners to electric power washing equipment, we supply everything you need to tackle a wide range of projects. Our inventory reflects a curated selection of pressure-washing tools from top brands like Mac Tools, DeWalt, and Milwaukee.

Shop Supplies For Sale

Using top-quality tools and equipment is crucial whether you’re a mechanic, contractor, or DIY expert. Here at Polar Tech Tools, we carry a wide selection of top-quality branded equipment and pride ourselves on being Yellowknife’s premier provider of shop supplies.

STIHL Products For Sale

If you’re searching for cutting-edge STIHL products or need repairs for your equipment, look no further than the professionals at Polar Tech Recreation.

Tool Boxes For Sale

If you're like most tool users, you're always on the lookout for new ways to organize your workspace. Fortunately, Polar Tech Tools’s extensive catalog of tool storage solutions can help you get your space in order, whether you're a home improvement enthusiast or a professional tradesperson.

Tool Shop

If you find yourself looking for tools, you’ll find no shop more accommodating than Polar Tech Tools. From hand tools to power tools, we carry it all. Not only do we maintain a wide inventory of all the tools required by professionals and enthusiasts in the area, but we’re also licensed Mac Tools sellers, making us the prime choice for individuals looking for the industry’s leading tools.


Polar Tech Tools supports the trades and craftspeople in our community with the best workshop tools, equipment, and gear to keep your space clean, safe, and organized. That includes being the best source for a wide range of vacuums you can use to keep dirt, dust, and debris at bay.

Vehicle Hoist

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle hoist or lift for your facilities, we invite you to browse the selection of lifts available at Polar Tech Tools. We’re the garage supply store beloved by auto repair centers, warehouses, and amateur auto enthusiasts.

VIM Tools

Polar Tech Tools is Yellowknife’s leading provider of VIM Tools that power the region’s automotive and industrial sectors. Whether you’re a professional on the job or working on a project at home, VIM is a brand that’s thought of everything to bring you the best tools for a wide variety of applications.