Tools Used by Mine Workers in the Northwest Territories

Known for an abundance of diamond, gold, zinc, lead, copper, and iron ore, there's no shortage of valuable mineral resources to be mined here in the Northwest Territories. However, having the right tools for the job is essential for those looking to extract these resources efficiently.

In this article, Polar Tech Tools's experts will outline the best tools used by mine workers in the north and why they're the top choice among the miners who do this valuable work and the companies who employ them.

Mac Tools Are Always a Favorite Among Mining Professionals

The Mac Tools brand is a heavyweight in the northern mining industry, and with good reason. Mac Tools makes reliable and long-lasting equipment for tackling tough jobs in remote locations. When mining machinery breaks down, Mac Tools is the brand seasoned miners rely on for the proper torque and precision to fix any equipment.

Here's a list of some of the most in-demand Mac Tools products:

  • Mac wrench sets
  • Mac sockets and ratchets
  • Mac power tools
  • Mac air tools
  • Mac automotive tools

The above list is only the tip of the iceberg regarding all the useful tools Mac Tools supplies to bolster mining communities in the north. Depending on the job at hand, there's a Mac Tools product for practically any equipment or automotive repair that comes your way.

DeWalt Tools Won't Let You Down When Mining Equipment Stalls

From impact tools to fastening tools, DeWalt is a name that's synonymous with exceptional quality, precision, and longevity. That's precisely what you'll need when you want to make a living as a miner here.

Long-time mining contractors know to reach for DeWalt drills, impact tools, and fastening tools when mining equipment breaks down. There's simply nothing better than being able to rely on the equipment you use to do your job, and DeWalt is a company that's thought of everything. Having these products on hand will add safety, convenience, and comfort to your workday.

Mobile Tool Trucks Are a Miners Best Friend

Are you missing a tool you need to fix a piece of mining machinery? Don't take any chances with subpar repair work. When you're on a mining job and find yourself in this position, why not call a mobile tool truck and have the tool delivered to your location?

Tool trucks are known for being a miner's best friend because they:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Offer convenience
  • Reduce travel time and expenses

When you're working in a remote mine, and there are no local tool shops in the surrounding areas, calling in a mobile tool truck to supply you with specialized equipment can make all the difference.

Why waste time or compromise safety using the wrong tools when you can have a truck and tool specialist onsite with just one phone call?

Polar Tech Tools Supports Miners by Offering the Best Tools for the Job

Now that you know more about which tools miners in the Northwest Territories rely on, you won't have to think twice about which brands to invest in when you're on the job. At Polar Tech Tools, we've made it our mission to support our mining community with the best tools and customer care.

Contact our team at (867) 444-4327 for more information on our mobile tool truck services and a large selection of in-store inventory from the best brand names in the industry.